Holiness Literature: 50 Things Jesus Never Said

By Randall Hartinger

1. Turn my Body (Church) into a Business on every corner just like whores do.
2. Dress like business men with a Phallic Obelisk Arrow pointing down to your lower anatomy and pretend this is holy attire (especially in the Last Days).
3. Gather in big Obelisk Steeple Houses.
4. Don’t name yourself after me (Christian) but rather pick a more suitable denomination.
5. Shave your beard and mustache off to be more like Me.
6. Make a stage in the Steeple House and call the stairs an “Altar” and nobody will question this.
7. Never say anything negative about somebody because this is “Gossip” and I never said anything negative about anybody…
8. Spend thousands upon thousands of dollars in para-church organizations to purchase the gifts of pastor, evangelist, etc.
9. In the last days, the churches will be so apostate that you do not have to seek out a local church or elder rule and none of those plethora of verses will apply to you and when you stand before Me, we’ll have this little understanding you see and all will be well (wink / wink).
10. Put images/pictures of the Godhead all over your homes and the Steeple House and I will be honoured and blessed.
11. Refer to the Steeple House as a “Church” instead of the actual gathering of the people.
12. Call the room after the foyer a “Sanctuary” and nobody will look this up in the Bible and question you.
13. Always preach indoors and never outdoors and just be like Me.
14. Never tell anybody about Me unless you become friends with them first or sit down for a cup of coffee (remember, Java before Jehovah).
15. I will pour out My Holy Ghost in the upper room of a house and Luke will end Acts with Paul preaching in a house, but don’t let this confuse you because house churches are not real churches.
16. I realize there was always ONE House of God at a time and I prophesied the Temple would be destroyed, but this is because I want there to be Kuhzillions of Houses of God all over the planet you see.
17. I do not have the power to keep even TWO people unified so please just Agree to Disagree until there are THOUSANDS OF COUNTLESS denominations when I come back.
18. Train up a child in the way he should go and he may slip and slide and blaspheme Me and my word but it’s hard to say what will become of him and he might even come back.
19. Happy is the man whose quiver is full of hell-bound heathen arrows.
20. Never use the word ‘Jezebel’ because I never do.
21. Join hand and hand with and bless church-disciplined rebels and none of your works will be dead or wood, hay, and stubble on that Day of Reckoning – I promise.
22. Only preach in the Steeple Houses for 20-30 minutes because My sheep’s attention span will be shortened due to media-exposure.
23. The Father seeketh such as will worship Him by conforming to the world and getting musical ideas from the heathen.
24. Bus in all the devils you possibly can and you might even win a soul or two and will no doubt win awards for the largest Sunday School in your denomination.
25. Suffer not the little children to come unto my assembly but send them down to the dungeon where a hip youth pastor can clown around with them and babysit.
26. The real Church Fathers will not be the apostles and writers of the New Testament but those who come centuries later (Hear ye them!).
27. Build huge edifices instead of edifying My people.
28. Put larger than life Faith Promise Thermometers at the Altar stairs to capitalize on cash in the coffers.
29. Put the people in gold rings and goodly apparel in the highest seats.
30. Tell people you are not really a Denomination and to ignore that name on the sign outside the Steeple House.
31. Put a basketball goal in the parking lot of the Outer Court.
32. If all people do is talk about Me, then call them a “cult” to make them ashamed.
33. I was actually born on Baal’s Birthday because sometimes I imitate Satan to make him mad and get on his nerves.
34. Cater to the Youth Subculture of the Last Days because My Gospel alone cannot reach them.
35. Heaven and earth will pass away, and my exact words will as well but the General Gist of what I said can be found in scattered manu-scraps and if you can learn Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew, this will be a plus coupled with your own personal favorite translation of your liking.
36. I will hold pastors accountable for you but you don’t have to have any accountability to them.
37. The office of evangelist is really an itinerate preacher who travels a circuit in his favorite denomination with no real local church accountability and I had Philip the Evangelist stay at his house in Caesarea just to confuse you and also he had 4 daughters who served Me and stayed virgins but I don’t expect evangelists to focus on their own families more than others.
38. Never believe elder-qualified folks who rule their houses well but rather trust in the statements against them made by folks whose families are divided and out of order.
39. Never make your boast in Me or let your light shine before men because this is proud and it’s best to hide it all under a bushel.
40. Spend two hours watching a movie but never two hours praying to Me.
41. If a brother sins against you, don’t rebuke him and just go ahead and forgive him whether he repents or not since I always forgive people who don’t repent.
42. If you get kicked out of a church in Galatia, you can just mosey on over to a church in Thessalonica no questions asked and no problem.
43. Not everybody in my body is a minister but just a select few body parts.
44. Just take many of the warnings in the scriptures and make them apply only to unbelievers.
45. Have business meetings, church offices, secretaries, paid staff, building funds, and even dress like businessmen but pretend you are not running a professional business.
46. Provide an atmosphere where people can hide their double-life and nobody will expose them or expect serious discipleship from them.
47. Although I had men write the Bible and I gave church authority gifts to men, you really don’t need men but just Me.
48. If you see somebody’s light growing bright, try and blow their light out so yours can look brighter.
49. Call my serious sheep “legalistic” without ever looking up the definition of the word.
50. If my children start to be wicked and won’t respond to my spankings, I’ll just take them on home to eternal bliss with Me and that’ll teach them a thing or two.

Newsletter: March, 2015

Greetings! It’s been a while since we published our last newsletter. Since then, my wife has given birth to our first baby boy and we’ve moved to the state of Virginia, so I’ve been a little distracted to say the least lol.

I need to announce that I will no longer be sending out direct emails for these newsletters, but all who wish to continue receiving notification of the ministry, simply go to the home page, click the “FOLLOW” option, and you will automatically receive an email notification every time we make a post, whether it be a newsletter or literature.

Anyway, here’s some pics and video of some preaching I’ve been able to do the last few months. Be blessed and holy!

Sam Houston State in Huntsville, TX- Jan. 2015




Abigail in arm, I preached, “Let me get this straight students: A fetus in a womb isn’t aloud to be human, but you’re going to try to convince me that it’s allowed to be a homosexual? Can you say, ‘THANK YOU COLLEGE EDUCATION!!”


I had to tell a foul-mouthed female to watch her mouth because there might be ladies standing around.


Pastor Josh Herridge




Another youth (Cody Brown, 14) standing for Jesus in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation!


Bro. Kyle White’s first time preaching open air!




14 year old Bro. Cole Tucker lettin’ em have it!


Panola College in Carthage, TX- Feb. 2015

Preaching against marijuana, gangster rap music, and pre-marital sex on college campus’ causes no small stir.


See, told ya!




Small group beseeches me to expound on the Word of God more perfectly before an officer warns me to leave before I’m arrested.  To this day, I’m still communicating with one of these students.


A “Christian” rock concert in Houston called Winter Jamnation, or “Sinner Damnation” as we call it . . .

The Crew



Joe 3:14 Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision: for the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.


I preached, “Christian = Christ-like. Rock n’ roll = fornication. Christ-like fornication? That’s CONFUSION! The God of the Bible is not the Author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33), so He’s sure not the author of Christian rock!!”




This man demanded that I turn my bullhorn down because I was hurting his ear drums. I said, “All the more reason not to go into a rock concert!”


Battle of the ages: PATRIARCH VS. JEZEBEL!!!


This woman loudly expressed to me in my face how much of a woman of God she was. I’m glad she clarified because I was beginning to wonder.




This young woman expressed to us how that the preaching and literature we were passing out opened her eyes to just how wicked this “Christian” concert was. She immediately repented and left with her group.


Bro. Cole Tucker, following in the footsteps of his pastor (Bro. Herridge)


This man expressed to me how thankful he was that we were out there preaching. He said he was reluctant and felt very convicted about bringing his children, but that the preaching reaffirmed what the Holy Ghost was dealing with him about. I besought him to rise up and be the patriarch of his home that Jesus commands him to be and to smash every idol between him and his children (Malachi 4:5-6).


Pastor Josh Herridge, preaching with passion against such an unholy mixture.



A Christian man at a Christian event getting ready to do a very Christian thing to me.


Police conversing about what to do with us.


Crowd applauds as the police escort us off for questioning.


Bro. Victor Persinger crying aloud and sparing not!


A man on mission! :)


Short clip of preaching at Galveston Mardi Gras, 2015

Newsletter: December, 2014


Greetings in the Name above all names! Thank you once again for taking time out of your schedule(s) to read our newsletter. We count it a privilege to be able to tell you about what the Lord has been doing on the campus’ of our nation. The Lord has enabled us to preach at more than 50 universities across the country, and as the condition of the present generation grows darker, our Light, by His grace, continues to shine brighter. We are seeing more and more college students approaching us and telling us how sorry they were for reacting the way they did to our preaching, and for this we are SO grateful! I believe the Lord takes special interest in every sinner that condemns their actions and justifies the preacher (Luke 18:13-14; James 4:6). And that’s only how many we’ve SEEN. Who knows how many other students have and will side with God against their self because of the message they heard on campus? Just a couple weeks ago I got the privilege to preach with Bro. Bourgault at Valdosta State in Georgia. Listen to his testimony. . . .

“Had three great days at Valdosta State recently, the last day we preached with Chris LePelley and Elijah Lewis from Alabama. The final day there culminated in near riot conditions. They arrested one kid who assaulted me (early Christmas for him we didn’t press charges). He soiled his diaper though. The crowd exploded into 200+ with whores and whoremongers blaspheming the Lord, a frat boy hurled a beer can, lots of snorting, cursing and rage spewing from these intolerants, a “Louis Farrakhan” wannabe racists hurling his “white devil” verbal slop at me and then out of the blue…a rock from somewhere in the crowd struck me in the collarbone (it’s getting nasty out there!). So I had my illustration….I made a plea for the rock thrower to stand forth in the midst and join me for HE WAS WITHOUT SIN! Nobody stepped to the plate as I suspected. Just the help I needed at that point though and then Chris “the bread of life throwing” LePelley arrives and preaches to an increasingly escalating situation. The best part is happening on the sideline though with Bro. Elijah. A young black male who heckled and mocked is under deep conviction after four hours of Holy Ghost conviction, tears streaming and he prays for salvation with Bro. Elijah near Langdale Hall just before the campus police shut it down an hour before the permit expired for students threatening while Bro. Chris preached!!! We marched off singing “onward Christian soldiers” in part and rebuking the crowd that followed us out of there. God answers prayer. I asked for a mighty stir…He gave it. Administration and even professors showed up (and “out”). I asked for the Holy Ghost to put fire in our bones as we preached…He poured it “ONUS”. I asked for a soul to be saved and He gave that as well to crown the great victory at VSU! Pray for the young man “Ajean” who called on The Lord. Psalm 51″

– Bro. Bourgault

Well GLORY! I’m thankful to know that the Spirit of holiness aint done yet! He’s still raising folks from their dead trespasses and sins into a new life with HIM!!

We do covet your prayers as this time of the year is usually a financial challenge. If you are able and willing to help us at all, click HERE.

 We were privileged to join several fire breathing street preachers at Louisiana State University the early part of November. Unfortunately I was feeling pretty ill, plus I had to preach that night, so I didn’t do any preaching, just witnessing. Here are some pictures of the action. . .

Prayer before war


Pastor Britt Williams giving some words of instruction and exhortation to all the preachers


Holy handmaidens holding “holiness or hell” signs



Bro. Randy Hartinger causing no small stir




With enough preachers on campus, we can have our own “amen corner.”




Bro. Peter Schultz in the orange steps up.



Bro. Phil Lanz


14 year old Bro. Cole Tucker knows how to ruffle some feathers!




Bro. Kevin Pulver holds a rainbow flag umbrella that an LGBT supporting student reluctantly let him borrow and preaches, “You sodomites stole our rainbow! We’re here to take it back! God gave it to us, his people, first as a sign of peace, but there is NO PEACE to the wicked, saith God! The rainbow is ours, not yours!!”



Bro. Ronny Wheeler joins me at Missouri State



Witnessing to some students on a cold and rainy day at the University of Kentucky

Witnessing to students on a rainy day at the University of Kentucky.

Preaching at Baton Rouge Community College with some members of Consuming Fire Fellowship






















Bro. Micah Williams lettin’ em have it!




Got to meet up with Bro. Micah Williams again and some of his brothers at Northwestern State University (LA)




Bro. Jude Williams with my sandwich board and Bro. Jordan Williams with my banner.





The students scream, “The only good you’ve done here is unify us all together!” Right, just like they all came unified together against Christ at the crucifixion!


Here was another photo I found in the photo gallery of the town newspaper. The students were nice enough to let me be in their picture:)


Click HERE to watch a video of the Lord helping me to give Evangel University the “what for.”

Newsletter: October, 2014

Sam Houston State- Huntsville, TX; 10/16/14

Pastor Josh Herridge, some young men from his church, pastor Victor Persinger, and a couple of his sons joined me for a time of Biblical evangelism at SHS. It was the first time Bro. Herridge and his crew got to stand for Jesus on a college campus, and they say they want to be a faithful witness at Sam Houston as often as they can be. Praise God! Matthew 9:38 is a prayer the Lord WILL answer.


This young lady standing next to me stood to bare witness to our “repent or perish” message. Always thankful for reinforcement!


Jealous hecklers always trying to steal the radiant attention God’s Word brings.


Young men from Bro. Herridge’s church witnessing



Student dirty dances (they call it “break” dancing, but any dancing that doesn’t glorify the holy God of the Bible is dirty) while I preach.


Pastor Herridge



The University of North Texas in Denton- 10/20/14

It was a mad house at the University of North Texas! So thankful for Bro. Clarence Davis that joined us. It was his first time standing for Jesus on a college campus and says he feels the burden and call to be a faithful open air witness. Praise God for answered prayer (Matt. 9:38)!

There was a group of about 15-20 that followed us all the way back to the parking garage as we were leaving. The police that were with us had to command them to retreat as soon as we reached the entrance, or they would have pressed us until we got in our car. (Click HERE to see the action)

The lid was DEFINITELY taken off of UNT’s can, and my did the trash ever come spewing out! This generation is growing fiercer and FIERCER as the days go by. Even so, come Lord Jesus!!






















You would have thought this guy had a problem with me or something.




My pastor, Bro. Roger Purdy, holding my banner and standing for Jesus with me at Tyler Junior College in Tyler, TX- 10/23/14


Kilgore College- Kilgore, TX; 10/27/14



Students across the street begin to complain about the preaching. I turn to address them like the cry babies they are. . .


. . . then they come to my side and throw a fit.



Still whining. . .


The crowd disperses back across the street to join a student with a horn playing “Amazing Grace”, while hollering, “Come join me over here on the dark side!”



A smaller crowd regathers. . .


. . . but with the police no where around, the guy with his hat on backwards continually threatened to punch me. He’s had violent tendencies for the last two years we’ve preached here.


San Jacinto College in Pasadena, TX- 10/30/14

The police shut us down after only 15 minutes, but Christ was still exalted, sin and darkness were rebuked, and many souls were loved and warned.


Sweet little Abigail, spending her first birthday on campus with daddy:)


Bro. Victor Persinger and his two youngest sons. One of the godliest men I know.




Newsletter: Four Louisiana Campuses in Four Days (Sept. 30th-Oct. 3rd)

Last week was a tremendous time of preaching and ministry with Consuming Fire Fellowship. Here are some pics, updates, and video of the action. . .

South Eastern Louisiana University in Hammond

Bro. Jordan Williams


Bro. Charlie Kennon



Pastor Britt Williams



Bro. Micah Williams


Bro. Leon Hopson


Bro. Kolby Blood


The University of Louisiana in Lafayette

 UL in Lafayet

Click HERE to watch footage from this day’s preach.

The University of Louisiana in Monroe


Bro. Wesley Gaharan


Louisiana Tech

On this particular day, I had, what I would say, the most wildest day of campus preaching  since I first started almost two and a half years ago.

Brothers Kolby Blood, Micah Williams, Timothy Keaton, and Wesley Gaharan from Consuming Fire Fellowship accompanied my wife and I, and the reinforcements were MUCH needed.

After a rowdy crowd of about 50-75 began to form in front of the clock tower as Bro. Kolby preached, they moved us to an area across the grass. It didn’t take long to recapture their attention as an on campus DJ whipped out a PA system right next to us and started playing loud, filthy, blasphemous gangster rap music for over two hours that attracted up to 200.

The students got so loud and rowdy that the police had to move us back again behind a taped area so no one could get in our faces. We were even allowed to use a bullhorn, a RARE case on university campuses.

It was like Mardi Gras at college to say the least. . . .



















Newsletter: Back to School! 2014

Three Days of Preaching at Northern Michigan University (Aug. 26-28)

Day 1

Northern Michigan University2Northern Michigan University

            Our first day back on campus for the new school year, we arrived at 12:45. We were able to go right to the preaching spot without any preliminaries or registration on a count of us taking care of all that the day before, so praise God.

Bro. Phil Lanz, who was our host while we were in Northern Michigan, accompanied us and did a fine job at holding our banner and answering questions some of the students had on the sideline.

When I first began to preach, it was rather slow. Not necessarily foot traffic, but just getting the students attention. This was surprising, seeing I know of absolutely no one ever preaching on this campus.

A few guys approached with some questions, one of which stood the entire 2 and half hours I was out there to blaspheme the Gospel. I reminded him numerous times that if he (or anybody at that matter) wanted to turn a deaf ear to the truth and find every reason in the world to reject Christianity, God will choose his delusions and give him what he wants. At one point, I was able to build off of that rebuke and address the rest of the crowd by exhorting them: “Students, this Book is BOOBYTRAPPED! If you’re not a sincere seeker of truth, just wanting to find an excuse therein to justify your wicked behavior, rest assured that God WILL give you just that – A LYING SPIRIT!” I could tell the Holy Ghost was all over that as many of their countenances humbled while the rest lashed back with conviction in their voice.

As the meeting went on and the crowd grew to no larger than 50, a certain lewd fellow of the baser sort came and did an almost successful job at stilling my crowd. I couldn’t remember, nor even understand a lot of the foolish things spewing from his mouth, but as the students praised him and rejected the Word, I stated with a loud voice, “Don’t worry folks, this guy is with us today. God sent him over here to verify our message: That this campus utterly hates God, and is in desperate need of Jesus!”

Not long after, a police officer showed up and “reminded” everybody that I would stop preaching if they didn’t give me attention. As about 75% of them gave audience to his word and walked away, I told them, “That’s right students, just go back to class. You are not smart enough to think for yourself or have a dialogue with a Bible believer.” This is a great way to remind them just how vehement their authorities are about keeping them from simply learning the Bible.

Toward the end of the meeting, I turned to the blasphemer that had been with me from the beginning and mocked him for saying my preaching was foolish, but yet standing and listening to it for over two hours. This alone, I could tell, caused many of the students standing by to ponder their ways, wondering why they too were so drawn to the message they claimed to hate. Right around that time, my wife told me she had heard a female student off in the distance say, “What’s a matter with all of these students? Are they all freshmen or something? Don’t they realize this guy is making very valid points, and if they don’t agree with him they can just walk on?”

After a short interview with the local channel 3 news station, we called it a day around 3:30.

Day 2

Northern Michigan University7Northern Michigan University6

Northern Michigan University5Northern Michigan University4

Northern Michigan University3

            What an intense day this was! I started throwing some Life-Lines out to just a few passer-by’s about 10 after 12, wondering if we might have a slow start like the day before, but within 15-20 minutes, my wandering turned to hammering as one angry male student (who heckled me literally all 4 hours we were there) caused a lot of stubborn nails to pop out of the wood work. The Bible says that one sinner destroyeth much good (Eccl. 9:18), but on campus, God uses their foolishness to draw more listeners in. While the devil and his children mock and blaspheme the Word, He that sitteth in the Heavens laughs as hundreds of ears are drawn to the preaching. I love it!

The crowd reached its peak at no more than 150 not long after a religious jezebel withstood me to the face for some 10 minutes. I was exceptionally pleased with the officer on duty as he pulled her aside and told her she was not allowed to get in my face because we had already reserved the spot we were in. Praise God when magistrates are a terror to evil works. This officer was the same officer from the day before that dispersed my crowd, but as Bro. Phil witnessed to him, he grew more open to what we were doing.

As the oppressing and challenging spirit of the crowd grew, several other students made their own signs in opposition     . One in particular read, “God’s not real, but if he is, he loves you no matter what.” It was refreshing to hear the officer make them as well register with administration like I had to before they could protest me. Students sang and chanted songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and rock n’ roll mantras to drowned out conviction, but the voice of the Lord thundered louder and shook their wilderness (Ps. 29:3, 8). I started to leave a few minutes before four, but a brazen jezebel with flames seven times hotter than the first confronted me for the last 20 minutes after I told a girl in shorty-shorts to get out of my viewing sight as I sat on the brick wall I preached on for the last three hours.

My wife began to pitch in while the jezebel snarled, but in the presence of all the other jezebels and sinners, I commanded her (my wife) to be silent as a testimony against them . When she obeyed me, I said, “THAT is what godly women do, and THAT, fellows          , is what you need after you’ve made things right with God, not some rebellious jezebel like THESE women!” Now no, it not like I see a jezebel under every rock….. I see ten. The Holy Ghost in me hates that jezebel spirit so much that He can spot one 666 miles away. It is the archenemy of all God’s men, and I WILL NOT suffer it (Rev. 2:20). As we walked away tested and tried, a male student tried to follow us with questions and conversation, but I politely told him, “We’re done for the day. Here’s my card, email me, even call me if you like, but as of RIGHT NOW, the most Christian thing I can do is walk away. See you tomorrow!”

Day 3

Northern Michigan University9Northern Michigan University8

            I felt Holy Ghost led to do something this particular day I’ve never done before. I’ve talked about doing it before, but just never tried it. Arriving in the grassy area shortly after 12, I set up my banner and said absolutely NOTHING. There were students with signs made already huddled off in the distance on the brick wall I preached on the day before, and I could have totally crashed their party and drew just as big, if not a bigger crowd than yesterday, but I wanted them to work for it today. For the first hour and a half, I only had a hand full of students come up and ask me questions, all the other students pasting in the distance like a pit-bull on a leash just waiting for something to bark at. If you think my terminology is too degrading, come out to campus with me sometime, and if you’ve got an ounce of God in you, you’ll see this generation for what it is: FIERCE.

As 1:40 rolled around, I began to make some headway with a few students, which actually attracted about 20 more students. What’s astounding was I never once preached the entire three hours we were out here. I simply took questions and taught. I did rebuke a few students, but I didn’t lift my voice like the past two days (not that there would have been a thing wrong with that). With this is mind, go figure that the students were JUST as argumentative and stubborn as they were the day before. This very thing expressly proves that it’s the MESSAGE, not the METHOD they are against.

As the small crowd stood to around 25, a male student in a green costume (as scene in the pics) came out of nowhere and accompanied his obscene gestures with a beat-box full of wicked music. He was soon joined by other costume wearers, one being a cross-dresser, as they danced in such a vulgar and rotten way. This alone more than doubled the crowd size. Keep in mind there was NO preaching. Just a Gospel banner waving high and some perverts dancing around the poll. I stood there and endured the scene for as long as I could, reproving them at the last for being more like a jungle tribe than a college campus. A few minutes after three rolled around as I did the Christian thing again and walked away with my family. Feels great to do the will of God!

Click HERE to see an article write up from the school newspaper.

Click HERE to see a video clip from one of the school reporters.

Two Days of Preaching at the University of Michigan (Sept. 4 & 8)


U of MI1 U of MI2

“Abigail here, just day dreaming about marrying a campus preacher like my daddy someday:)”

U of MI3

U of MI4 U of MI5 U of MI6 U of MI7 U of MI8 U of MI9 U of MI10 U of MI11

I arrived at the “diag” right around 12 o’ clock with literally hundreds of students walking to and fro from class. Confident that I could get some attention just standing there with my banner, I didn’t do any preaching for the first 15-20 minutes. Finally, a man dressed like a clown began vehemently cursing and spewing forth such words that made even some of the on looking students look ashamed.

I went back and forth with him for about 30 minutes until the crowd grew to no larger than 150, but it only stayed that size for around 20 minutes or so. I was so pressed in my spirit with all of the demons flooding out of him that I had hardly any liberty to address the crowd. I began to press back and found myself asking the man when he stopped loving the God of the Bible. I believe it now to have been a word of knowledge from the Holy Ghost, because a speechless fear would come over his face, so much so that all he could do was change the subject. I solemnly protested to him, “If there’s an ounce of repentance you feel in your soul, you better seek God while you have time, because you are on your way, if not already reprobate.”

The crowd dwindled down to just a small group of about 7-10, but quickly built back up to 25-30 toward the end of the meeting with great questions, answers, and exhortations. Called it a day at 3.

Day 2

U of MI12U of MI13

“Abigail here again, still day dreaming about marrying a campus preacher like my daddy someday:)”

U of MI14

U of MI15U of MI16U of MI17U of MI18U of MI19U of MI20U of MI21U of MI22

Click HERE to watch footage of preaching for day 2.

Two Days of Preaching at Bowling Green State (Sep. 11-12)

Day 1


This student in the kaki shorts and gray t-shirt approached me as we were leaving and apologized for the way he reacted to the preaching. Praise God for Holy Ghost smitten hearts! A true rarity on college universities.




Day 2

This was “Sermon on the Mount” Day.



Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” So I took my fishing pole, stuck a Gospel banner at the end of it, raised it real high, and all men were drawn to it.


Click HERE to see footage of a smooth talking false prophet (a dime a dozen on college universities) that opposed me on day one.

Newsletter: Summer, 2014

Greetings in Jesus!

God has blessed us with a tremendous summer of ministry, and we look forward with great anticipation to campus preaching as the new school year begins to make way. We also would like to say how thankful we are for all of you who supported and prayed for our efforts in getting a new 5th wheel for our home. God has graciously provided every bit of the need! If this wasn’t enough, God has given us another arrow for our quiver, and my wife will be giving birth to our second child in March of next year. Thank you Jesus! Please continue to pray that God will anoint us to boldly and unashamedly preach His Word to this fierce and perishing generation, and that they would have hearts to humble themselves, repent, and call upon the Lord. Pray for divine protection from evil doers, as well as favor with the police and magistrates. Pray that God would meet our needs as we travel, and most of all, pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified in spirit and truth. Maranatha!

Bro. Chris LePelley


Pictures from the 2014 “Taste of Cincinnati” Beer-Drinking Festival

Day 1




Day 2


100_8490 Spider Man Vs. Preacher Man!



Pictures from the 2014 Sodomite-Fest in Houston








Click HERE to see preaching footage from the 2014 “Center of the Universe” rock concert in downtown Tulsa.


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